What women want

Of course we have developed a specific range for women. Because women simply have different wishes to men. LCF offers a wide choice of stylish and elegant blouses.

Never out of stock
The women’s range consists of two basic models with long sleeves, available in black and white.

Seven basic models
We also have seven basic models that are all available in three sleeve lengths, long, short and three-quarters - which can all be produced in a minimum of 11 items.

Fabric for specials
Along the same lines as the men, we have this concept for women, which you can have made for your customers in the styles, in various materials and in diverse colours and patterns. These can easily be made to match the men’s shirts in fabric, colour and quality.

On demand
If you have other requirements, we can put together a special collection for you on demand. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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